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Generative AI

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Basel Implementation to fulfill bank regulatory compliance


Solution to blockchain, gamefi, wallet and virtual assets

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Customer Cases and Product List

Cases we offer to customers, Products we cooperate with partners

  • Wish Beauty AI is a tool for users to ask how to make themselves beautiful through cosmetic and aethetical medical treatments. It is featured with a powerful AI to simulate and predict the change of treatment.

    Beauty ChatGPT

    AI beauty advisor
  • BaselEasy is a system TaiYeah developped to speedup the Basel implemementation. It can provide AI-based and expert-based services.

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  • NFT World is powered by TaiYeah AI, Web3 and Fintech expertise. It is a partnered project. Now it is a ecosystem for NFT fans and traders

    NFT World Now Recruiting

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  • Pet Watcher is a smart device, which integrates voice input and camera video. Through cloud based AI computation, it can help you to monitor and interact with your pet

    PetWatcher: Smart Way to live with your pet

    Now in manufacturing

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